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Regan Making A Wrap - Plant-Based Travel

I dream of the day when you can pop into a 7-11 and grab a green juice and a bag of kale chips.

But until then, making progress towards our health and weight loss goals while on the road takes a bit of planning, flexibility and ingenuity.

I cut my teeth on the subject in the most ridiculous way possible.

Imagine this: You’ve just gone plant-based, your best friend (also named Matt) calls you up -- he’s engaged! And there is going to be a bachelor party! And the bachelor party happens to be a 5-day party/rafting trip with 8 other guys!

For me, this was a challenge akin to when I strapped on skis for the first time at an aerial ski jumping camp.

Interview With Thomas Campbell, MD

We have a special interview and book giveaway to share with you today.

But first we wanted to say thank you to everyone who took the time to send us travel questions and well wishes on our move! We made it safe and sound and are enjoying getting settled here in the DC area.

Next time, we’ll go behind the scenes and share all the tips and tricks we use to eat well on the road.

But for now, on to the feature du jour…

If you are at all interested in nutrition, you’ve likely heard of The China Study.

This landmark book has sold over a million copies and the New York Times called it the “most comprehensive large study ever undertaken of the relationship...

Come March, I think it’s safe to say that everyone on the East Coast is eagerly anticipating spring time.

We’re all ready for one jacket instead of three, flowers lining the sidewalks instead of the grey sludge that seems like it will never, ever melt and where the heck are those robins?! They should really be out by now...

Maybe it’s the waiting, maybe it’s the clouds, but come this time every year I’m left a little uninspired and lethargic -- especially in the kitchen.

I no longer want the heavier, foods I craved December through February, but I’m not quite ready to give up the warmth those meals provided.

Soup always seems to be the answer.  It’s light...

Benji Kurtz Lost Over 100 lbs

Last week we talked about going big and breaking through -- looking at what it takes to create massive transformation in one year.

Today, I have the pleasure of sharing with you one such story of transformation.

Benji went plant-based, lost over a hundred pounds, dropped 21 pant-sizes, and brought his cholesterol and blood pressure into normal range.

His story was so compelling that it was picked up by CNN.

I would say that Benji’s story is amazing or incredible, except that after personally supporting dozens of transformations like this, I know that this is just what happens when you change your lifestyle and follow through.

But the reason why I'm...

How To Reach Your Health And Weight Loss Goals This Year

Note: As a complement to this post, I’ve asked Regan to offer a few free 30-minute coaching sessions. I expect these to go fast, so make sure to fill out the application, asap!

Last time we talked about one way to create a breakthrough -- how baby building blocks can remove the barrier to getting started and lead to significant change.

Today, we are taking a very different approach to breaking through. Hail Mary, hallelujah, let's go big!

The year is still new and shiny, and I want to talk about how you can reach your health and weight loss goals before the next holiday season rolls around.

I recently asked what inspires you to eat more plants on your path...

The Best Way To Get Started With Healthy Habits

Congratulations to Heather, the winner of this week’s giveaway! We’ll be in touch to send you a copy of JL Fields' new book Vegan Pressure Cooking.

Now that we’ve done two book giveaways in a row, I have a confession:

 I can’t read!

I used to be a voracious reader, but over the last few years the time that I devote to cozying up with a good book has slowly diminished.

Looking back over the last year, I’ve hardly read anything at all!

I keep ordering interesting books and making big promises to myself, but the days just seem to get away from me.

Fortunately, I make consistent measurable progress, which you can see in the following graph:...

Vegan Pressure Cooker Recipes

Congrats to Rachel and Karen, the winners of last week’s giveaway! We’ll be in touch to send you a copy of Julieanna Hever’s new book The Vegiterranean Diet!

If you didn’t win, don’t fret, because we are hosting another giveaway for you this week!

Details to follow, but first lets pull the curtains, dim the lights, and talk about...planning and organization. After all, is there a sexier topic with which to start the new year?

Oh, you’d rather hear about 102 Fast Health Fixes? (a headline straight from the cover of Women’s Health magazine.) And we wonder why somewhere around 88% of New Year Resolutions fail!

In my mind there is nothing sexier than success,...

Interview With Julieanna Hever

When it comes to health, I believe joy is the key to sustainability.

Plant-strong works long-term because it’s not about restriction, deprivation, counting calories or other forms of socially accepted self-torture we like to call dieting.

Instead we can celebrate awesome nutritious meals and delectable dishes that are made of super fresh, vibrant, wholesome, and nurturing ingredients.

We don't have to give up comfort food, dessert, snacks, treats, or the enjoyment and satisfaction of a hearty delicious meal.

Instead, we can “trade up,” exchanging unhealthy options for a...

Vegan Spring Rolls

How are the holidays going for you?

We had a wonderful plant-based Thanksgiving with family and friends, and now we are spending the week in Boulder celebrating Regan’s birthday.

For the most part we’ve managed to stay on plan, but Wednesday night Regan’s brother took us out for dinner at this incredible authentic pizzeria where he works.

Salad led to vegan pizza led to pine nut cookies and long story short, we ended up straying from the straight and narrow and woke up the next morning puffy-faced with sugar hangovers.

And so we are given another opportunity to explore the delicate dance between keeping our commitment to health while still experiencing the...

Vegan Thanksgiving

Food is an integral part of social life.

I have such fond memories of the stew that my Mom would cook for every birthday, of the local burger joint that we used to go to on the last day of school, of leaving campus at lunch with my best friends to grab lunch at Taco Time.

And then there are the holidays.

I’ll never forget driving down to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for Christmas. We would open presents and then sit down for the traditional meal of ham and Grandma’s famous (and very weird in retrospect) green jello.

Who doesn’t equate those beautiful, serene, and happy holiday moments with the smells wafting from the kitchen or sitting down with loved ones...