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The Best Way To Get Started With Healthy Habits

Congratulations to Heather, the winner of this week’s giveaway! We’ll be in touch to send you a copy of JL Fields' new book Vegan Pressure Cooking.

Now that we’ve done two book giveaways in a row, I have a confession:

 I can’t read!

I used to be a voracious reader, but over the last few years the time that I devote to cozying up with a good book has slowly diminished.

Looking back over the last year, I’ve hardly read anything at all!

I keep ordering interesting books and making big promises to myself, but the days just seem to get away from me.

Fortunately, I make consistent measurable progress, which you can see in the following graph:...

Vegan Pressure Cooker Recipes

Congrats to Rachel and Karen, the winners of last week’s giveaway! We’ll be in touch to send you a copy of Julieanna Hever’s new book The Vegiterranean Diet!

If you didn’t win, don’t fret, because we are hosting another giveaway for you this week!

Details to follow, but first lets pull the curtains, dim the lights, and talk about...planning and organization. After all, is there a sexier topic with which to start the new year?

Oh, you’d rather hear about 102 Fast Health Fixes? (a headline straight from the cover of Women’s Health magazine.) And we wonder why somewhere around 88% of New Year Resolutions fail!

In my mind there is nothing sexier than success,...

Interview With Julieanna Hever

When it comes to health, I believe joy is the key to sustainability.

Plant-strong works long-term because it’s not about restriction, deprivation, counting calories or other forms of socially accepted self-torture we like to call dieting.

Instead we can celebrate awesome nutritious meals and delectable dishes that are made of super fresh, vibrant, wholesome, and nurturing ingredients.

We don't have to give up comfort food, dessert, snacks, treats, or the enjoyment and satisfaction of a hearty delicious meal.

Instead, we can “trade up,” exchanging unhealthy options for a...

Vegan Spring Rolls

How are the holidays going for you?

We had a wonderful plant-based Thanksgiving with family and friends, and now we are spending the week in Boulder celebrating Regan’s birthday.

For the most part we’ve managed to stay on plan, but Wednesday night Regan’s brother took us out for dinner at this incredible authentic pizzeria where he works.

Salad led to vegan pizza led to pine nut cookies and long story short, we ended up straying from the straight and narrow and woke up the next morning puffy-faced with sugar hangovers.

And so we are given another opportunity to explore the delicate dance between keeping our commitment to health while still experiencing the...

Vegan Thanksgiving

Food is an integral part of social life.

I have such fond memories of the stew that my Mom would cook for every birthday, of the local burger joint that we used to go to on the last day of school, of leaving campus at lunch with my best friends to grab lunch at Taco Time.

And then there are the holidays.

I’ll never forget driving down to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for Christmas. We would open presents and then sit down for the traditional meal of ham and Grandma’s famous (and very weird in retrospect) green jello.

Who doesn’t equate those beautiful, serene, and happy holiday moments with the smells wafting from the kitchen or sitting down with loved ones...

Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Fall weather has finally arrived here in Southern Arizona. The cold weather is usually at least a month late in this part of the country, but it does arrive eventually.

Temperatures are dropping and I’m getting excited for tea, soup, and cozy evenings reading by the fireplace.

This also means that certain, yearly, recurring events are soon upon us. That’s right, I’m talking about holiday-pocalypse 2014!

What? You think I’m being over dramatic? That if I had TiVo it would be filled with soap operas and telenovelas?

Ok, maybe I’m being a touch sensational, but holidays can be quite stressful for many of us on the plant-based path.

It may mean...

Plant Based Success Story

I'm often blown away by the success stories I hear from those who have adopted a plant-based lifestyle.

Almost everyday I read about someone who has lost 20, 50, or even 100 lbs, reversed their type 2 diabetes, reduced or eliminated blood pressure or cholesterol medications, and generally improved their quality of their life to the point where they feel like an entirely different person.

I want to start sharing these stories with you.

As you know, it's not the easiest thing to stay on the path, especially when making health a priority can make you a bit of a social outcast.

It's my hope that hearing from others who have stuck with it and changed their...

The Six Pillars Of Lasting Health and Accidental Weight Loss

When I used to fall off the plant powered wagon, I would experience anguish that can only be understood by watching this hilarious youtube clip of Denver the Guilty Dog.

Oh the guilt!

And I’m not the only one.

When we take a tumble, we often say things like, “I am having so much trouble following through...I don’t know what is wrong with me.” “I feel like such a failure for not being able to stick with this way of eating.”

We think that our failure is due to the fact that we lack willpower, discipline, and motivation, and come to the conclusion that we are somehow faulty human beings!

Not only are we left with the guilt and pain of failure, but...

Why Can't I Lose Weight

Last time we spoke, I revealed my oddball approach to losing weight. The best way to reach your goal weight and stay there?

Stop trying to lose weight. Instead, focus on getting healthy.

Are you rolling your eyes at such an ambiguous and non-sexy statement?

Did you already start frantically googling the Top 10 Diet Tips To Lose 5 Pounds In 24 Hours?

It may sound silly, but shifting the focus from losing weight to gaining health can completely change the game.

If your interest is piqued, take a look at the previous article where I share how this very mindset shift tipped the scales for Nora, catalyzing over 100 lbs lost to date.


The Great Diet Hoax (And What To Do Instead)

Hey friend,

It’s a typical Saturday night. The whole world is getting dressed up and ready to go out, but where am I?

Getting ready to settle into a fun-filled evening of...perusing holistic health and weight loss groups on facebook.

Ok, this may be a wee exaggeration, but I do spend an embarrassing amount of my free time browsing these groups.


I love reading the advice that people give, understanding what allows some people to succeed while others continue to struggle, and seeing how people support each other.

Anyway! While perusing one particularly interesting facebook group, I came across a post by a woman named Nora.