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Why Can't I Lose Weight

Hey friend,

Last time we spoke, I revealed my oddball approach to losing weight. The best way to reach your goal weight and stay there?

Stop trying to lose weight. Instead, focus on getting healthy.

Are you rolling your eyes at such an ambiguous and non-sexy statement?

Did you already start frantically googling the Top 10 Diet Tips To Lose 5 Pounds In 24 Hours?

It may sound silly, but shifting the focus from losing weight to gaining health can completely change the game.

If your interest is piqued, take a look at the previous article where I share how this very mindset shift tipped the scales for Nora, catalyzing over 100 lbs lost to date.

The Great Diet Hoax (And What To Do Instead)

Hey friend,

It’s a typical Saturday night. The whole world is getting dressed up and ready to go out, but where am I?

Getting ready to settle into a fun-filled evening of...perusing holistic health and weight loss groups on facebook.

Ok, this may be a wee exaggeration, but I do spend an embarrassing amount of my free time browsing these groups.


I love reading the advice that people give, understanding what allows some people to succeed while others continue to struggle, and seeing how people support each other.

Anyway! While perusing one particularly interesting facebook group, I came across a post by a woman named Nora.

Nora had...

Start With Why

Hey friend, sorry I missed writing to you last week; life doesn’t always go as planned.

My grandpa passed away and so Regan and I ended up traveling to Salt Lake City for the services.

It was of course a sad and difficult event for our family and friends, and I’ve greatly appreciated the many condolences.

Grandpa lived a long, successful life and his unconditional support was the foundation of our family. His memory and legacy lives on.

And while heartbreaking, I think these difficult events also offer us a special opportunity. And that’s what I wanted to share with you today.

Life is a precious and fleeting affair, and the silver lining is the...

How To Stop Sugar Cravings

If you ever want to take a deep dive into the weirdness that is the human mind, there is a surefire way: try to get healthy or lose weight.

Last week, I shared the story of one gnarly craving that I struggled with for months! I then asked what kind of cravings you struggle with.

I received some fantastic responses (thank you!) and want to share a few with you.

My biggest challenge with living 100% plant-based is "cravings", especially when I'm bored or tired. I work from home and the kitchen is only 10 feet away! I eat great for breakfast and lunch -- green smoothie, fruit, salad, veggies. But when I hit a mid-afternoon slump of boredom or getting sleepy, I crave...

Plant Based Diet Social Skills

I didn’t expect this to be such a big deal before I made the decision to make my health a priority.

But it ended up being one of the most continually frustrating and difficult challenges that I faced.

To what am I referring, you ask? Why don’t you just spit it out, you say?

The number one struggle was, is, and will be how to deal with the social dimension of adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Family, friends, holidays, travel, going out to eat.

I swear I could put together the absolute best comedy routine based on the weird, sad, enraging, frustrating interactions I’ve had with others in regard to my dietary choices.

Bringing my own little slice of "...

Plant Based Diet Recipes

Quick question: Do you live in a self constructed tree house in the woods and make your own clothing out of moss?

No? Then I would wager that you are busy. REAL busy.

Ah this modern life of at least a 40 hour work week, household chores, taking care of your kids AND your parents AND your grandkids.

We get so set on getting things done that even when we aren’t busy we feel like we should be.

You get a quick minute and think, “well shouldn’t I be cleaning the house? The car could use an oil change. I should really call second-cousin Ed and catch up.”

Life can be exhausting. And when life is exhausting what tends to go out the window first?


If you haven't tried it, you've at least heard about it -- this simple technique whose advocates range from monks to psychologists to business men.

The practice is supported by a continually growing body of research and can significantly reduce stress, counter depression, make you feel better about yourself and your life, and is of course an integral part of many important spiritual traditions.

If those aren’t enough accolades for you, check out this quote from bestselling author and award winning psychologist Jonathan Haidt as he compares meditation to prozac.

Suppose you read about a pill that you could take once a day to reduce anxiety and increase your...

We humans are always looking for the quick fix or the easy way out.  

This usually doesn't work in the health world, however in this post I'll share with you one simple thing that you can do that yields huge health dividends.

What is this magical elixir?

Green Juice.

Juicing is fairly well-known in the natural health world, however there are many different takes on what and how you juice.  Not surprisingly, some are better than others.  

In this post I'll share all the juicy (get it?!) secrets, so you can get the maximum benefit with minimum time, effort, and yes...cost.

But first, a little inspiration to get you going.

The One Thing That All Healthy People Do

Have you ever experienced this super interesting phenomenon? The minute you make a healthy change in your life, everyone around you suddenly becomes a nutrition expert.

Cousin Joe, who never interested himself with your protein intake before is suddenly very concerned.

Your standard diet friend wants you to stay just the way you are, your paleo friend is convinced that she’s stumbled upon the holy grail, your vegan friend wants to you go vegan, and your vegetarian friend is positive you will wither away if you give up eggs and dairy.

Everyone thinks that they, and they alone, hold the key to the truth.

But are the health nuts actually healthy?

Funny enough,...

Plant Based Diet

Many of us struggle to get healthy for years. We’ve always known that we need to make health a priority, but it just never really happened.

We explore different options, started eating better, go to the gym a few times, but the new habits don't stick and the old patterns creep back in.

Until that moment happens.

Sometimes it’s an inspiring film. Sometimes it’s stepping on a scale and saying enough is enough. Maybe it’s a moment of truth taking a good hard look in the mirror.

Many times the moment happens when watching a loved one struggle with a serious health challenge.

Or sitting in the doctor’s office and hearing those dreaded words...even...