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Michael Greger, M.D.

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I was shocked when I found out that the leading cause of death in the United States could be eliminated by changing what’s on our plates.

One out of every four Americans currently dies of heart disease -- a condition that can be not only prevented, but REVERSED with a whole-food, plant-based diet.

If that was the only benefit of the plant-powered path, it would still be a strong argument for making veggies the main course.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood-pressure and other chronic conditions can all be improved by simple...

Green Juice Recipe - Kris Carr

Photo credit: Kate Lewis

I once juiced an onion. Yes AN ONION! What was I thinking???? Blood cleanser?! DO NOT DO THIS.

This is just one...let's say telling...example of my many experiments with smoothies and juicing. And my experience has given me a different viewpoint than most.

Today we are going to laser in on this juicy subject in celebration of Kris Carr’s new book, Crazy Sexy Juice. We have a recipe to share from the book, as well as a free copy to give away!

For starters, it’s important to understand the difference between blending and juicing. Here’s a handy infographic from Kris that outlines the differences.

Now that we know the...

Vegan Birthday Cake Recipe

by Regan

I love birthdays.

In my family, ever since I was a little girl, we have always had the tradition of birthday breakfast.

The best parts about birthday breakfast?

Waking up to a  festively set table, time together in the morning when no one is rushing and, of course, a far more elaborate breakfast than the average day.

The good ol' days, celebrating birthdays with Mom.


Ready for birthday breakfast

As a chef, I can’t help but remember each of the foods that my family members likes and dislikes.

We celebrated my Mom's birthday a while back, and in honor of her special day I decided to use all of my mom’s favorite sweets...

Plant-Based Diet Before And After

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There is nothing I love more than sharing inspiring stories of transformation with you.

Though the particular circumstances of each story is different, the core message is the same.

Each and every one of us has the potential to change our lives, radically transform our well-being, take charge of our health, and wake up every day looking and feeling incredible.

It’s never too late. No step is too small. It’s just about deciding to own your well-being and continuing to show up, day in and day out.

Whew, I could go for hours, but before I really launch into a sermon let’s segue shall we?...

How to deal with conflicting health information

When I first changed my diet, I was SO naive.

I’d never made a concerted effort to lose weight or get healthy before. I would occasionally lift weights, but I certainly wasn’t that into fitness.

So I hadn’t read the books, perused the articles or had any idea of the Pandora’s box of dietary theories that awaited me.

My sole source of nutritional information was a handful of resources that my yoga teacher had sent me on the benefit of raw foods. (Thanks Sujita!)

And reading through those early books on raw food, I thought that I was learning “THE WAY” to health, happiness, longevity and long flowing hair (ok not the hair one).

It wasn’t...

Have you ever received bad nutrition advice from your doctor?

According to a recent survey, only 25% of medical schools require a nutrition course, and med students receive, on average, just 19.6 contact hours of nutrition instruction.

There is more conflicting health advice than ever, and unfortunately many people leave their doctor even more confused about what to eat to lose weight and gain health.

Lack of support is one of the biggest barriers to following through with a lifestyle change, and it's especially hard when your healthcare provider isn't on your team.

Our mission is to give you the tools and support you need to make and sustain lifestyle changes...

Salad has a bad rap.

But sometimes it’s for a good reason.

Recently, Matt and I were out at lunch and ordered a large salad. When our salad came it was overly sweet, decked out with fruit and a fruity dressing and was tossed with wimpy lettuce.

Typically when I order a salad out at a restaurant that serves standard fare, I end up fairly disappointed.

In our house, salad is a MEAL. And it most definitely isn’t sweet.

I’m talking a huge gorilla bowl of mixed greens with avocado, olives, chopped vegetables and kimchi tossed with a light oil and vinegar dressing.

The flavor is deep and each bite is satiating and more over it’s ridiculously...

How To Succeed On A Plant-Based Diet With Lindsay S. Nixon Of Happy Herbivore

I’ve never been much of a chef. So it drives me crazy when someone says something like, “oh, just taste it and see what it needs.”

I flashback to spending all this time in the kitchen trying to fix a sauce that wasn’t turning out.

Here’s what “just see what it needs” looked like to me:

I’d add a little more lemon juice. Blend. Taste. Hmm, that didn’t help much.   So then I’d pick a random spice out of the drawer, smell it, taste it, add it. Blend again. Taste. Hmm, that’s actually a little bit better!   Then I’d add another teaspoon of the spice that was helping. Blend. Taste. OH NO, THIS TASTES AWFUL! HOW DO I FIX IT?   Start the randomly adding and tasting...

Matt could eat hummus and veggies for every meal from now until the end of eternity.

In fact, last year we went on a road trip to the Grand Canyon and California and ate hummus for two weeks straight, three times a day.

I kid you not.

Personally, I like a little more variety every once in a while.

We’ve been especially busy the last few months (we’ve been hard at work creating something special to share with you, details coming in the next few weeks!) and when we’re busy we tend to focus on our go to quick and easy meals.

More accurately, we tend to focus on just one of our quick and easy meals then eat it over and over again.

In order to...

Dreena Burton Interview - How To Raise Healthy Kids

If you ask me, raising kids is nothing short of heroic.

My brother and his wife just had their fourth, and whenever I visit I am humbled by how much selfless devotion goes into caring for their children.

Regan and I often get questions from parents about how to help their kids eat better, but the truth is that we don’t have any firsthand parenting experience as of yet.

Here in DC, we live close to Regan’s niece and nephew and are blessed to get to spend time with them on a regular basis.

But I’m pretty sure being the fun aunt or uncle isn’t quite the same as raising your own!

So today, I’m thrilled to defer the questions on pregnancy and parenting...